I work with motivated spirits just like yours that want to face chanllenges, discover new possibilities and create durable solutions. Are you ready to explore a result oriented approach? Problems do not have to turn into crisis! 

I have unique and comprehensive Training Programs for you, if you want to reach a new level in your personal and professional life.
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Self-improvement and life management are the answer to personal and professional  success. 

Let's make changes happened to achieve your goals faster.
 No matter what face it, change it and succeed.
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Do you need customized training adapted your needs in a large or small organizations? Give priority to your professional development for better performance, services excellence and growth in a healthier environment.

Get trained, get transformed. 
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Get inspired. Be trained and get transformed. It is easy: assess the support you need, accept the opportunities, you will see the possibilities to develop your potential and to achieve your goals.
In a changing world, it is important to sync your goals, your reality and your challenges. 
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Create and Enjoy New Results

 Making your life easier

Dorcena teamed up with great trainers to bring you new insights, tactics and strategies from life experiences and researches through innovative and comprehensive training programs.  

We’ve got you covered: Think of our services as your very own support tools that you can count on when needed. Join a live webinar, reach out via email or live chat. New Vision and New Skills to improve yourself and make your life easier.

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  Dorcéna’s capacity to reinvent himself impresses...  with flexibility he navigates the challenges of life and draws lessons from them.  
He gives generously to those who want to transform their own life. He is a source of inspiration, an invaluable resource, to which I can turn at any time for strategic guidance or coaching. 

Samuel B, Ottawa, Canada
 Dorcéna is a family oriented person with great values.  Always inspiring and smiling! It is an honour for me to congratulate Dorcéna for his latest book. I place his book among the most touching of my life. Dorcéna has a lot to share and the world can learn a lot from him to get another perspective on life and to come out a winner.

Ginette Pitre
Dorcéna offers practical ideas to help people find happiness and tranquility...  The author invites us to take advantage of his many reflections and researches to find a solution to our problems. He wants to reassure us:  we all have resources to get us out of trouble. He concludes with a firm belief that “life is fragile and brief, but you are not alone in the world.
Marie Helene
Dorcéna’s latest book, of great simplicity and humility can in my opinion be a good tool for people living tragedies in their lives. It can also have a preventive value for those who have not yet experienced significant losses in their lives. Since loss is inherent to life, I would recommend it to everyone.
Maxi AJ
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Who can qualify for the programs offered?

The training and coaching programs are aimed at healthy, responsible adults who want to excel. You must first have the desire to progress and succeed no matter where you are in the world, regarless your past experience, age, sexe, cultural background etc.

The preferred approach is to promote the capabilities, learning and overall potential of the individual. The training programs emphasise the need, development and implementation : clear and specific objectives, sustained preparation for a well-determined success. 

Training programs help individuals improve their perception of performance, effectiveness and efficiency in action, constructive feedback in problem solving, and self-improvement.  A formative relationship is encouraged between the coach and the community of learners to facilitate the earliest possible resolution of problems in general.

Does that training worth the money and time?

I want you to benefit from the most complete and the least expensive training. You will always have my guarantee. 

Here is my formula: I was in despair, I needed to help my wife and my family. I could not give what I did not have. I understood to have more I had to become more. I resolved to pick the brain of the most respected trainers and researchers at high cost for my personal help. I mastered myself and my situations. It served me well. So, based on my learning and experience, I developed courses that can match your needs and expectations. I want to help more people like you. I offer great content for low price. Some expensive programs are offered only to big corporations. Usually they are booked in advance. 

To start subscribe for a free course. You have nothing to lose. You have a money back guarantee policy. Start today.

Act now. Being indecisive may be the most expensive decision in life.

When should I start?

As author, trainer, coach, speaker, my purpose is to inspire, train and entertain individuals in developing their full potential so they can reach their goals in life. I provide services and resources for personal and organizational development. Are you concerned about how to deal with your challenges, how to achieve more success and enjoy life? Start learning today where you are, with the tools you already have access to. Your new knowledge, your attitude and your actions will determine your future, what do you need to learn to change your future?

I am not a fast learner, what should I do?

We all learn differently. Your current situation is keeping you already too busy. Do not turn in circle. Learn at your own pace to discover new strategies to change yourself and the situation you are in. Start now.

I committed myself over the years to learn continuously and to serve people. My vision is to promote excellence, wisdom, self-transforming and self-growing in a prosperous and healthier society. No Matter what: Face it, Change it and Succeed Together.

I dont have big network, can you help me having the good connections?

 I love connecting people to people, to ideas, to knowledge, to skills, to resources and to values. Let’s create more synergy. You may already have all you need to succeed. But, do you know how to connect the dots?  Do you really want to keep trying the same things over and over? Successful people always seek new insights, perspectives, tactics and strategies from life experiences or researches. This is what you will get with me through innovative training programs focussing on your goals. Let’s connect today. It is the right time for the right beginning.

Why is it easy for some people to succeed?

 I have lost literally many years of my life because of fears, lack of confidence, competence and perseverance to learn and grow. I know now, we all can deal with the most difficult situations, direct change towards our aspirations and enjoy success. This is what my new training series are about.   

Training is one of the most effective ways to help you grow faster than your current situation and potential problems. Based on research and fundamental principles, I am always looking for new, more practical and strategic content to make your life management easier. Start now. Act with confidence and perseverance.